Rejection & Being Let Down

by Andrew C Cary

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I recorded this in my room. It's about life and girls. It's mostly acoustic, but there are a few surprises. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Thank you for the support. Love you.


released March 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Andrew C Cary Granger, Indiana

A kid from Indiana who writes way too many songs.

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Track Name: Thank you
These are the things I do and I miss you so much
Hope you're doing well but not as well as I
Are you still singing or playing the piano? God I hope so
This is the last you'll hear from me for a while
If you see me on the streets, just say goodbye
So thank you for tearing me down
Like a banner that was once raised so high
Track Name: Rejection and being let down
Baby is there something you're not telling me?
Is it that your eyes are sore from staring at the ground?
I see only the color of your hair when I look anywhere and
I want the world to know that I'm no longer afraid of rejection
or being let down
On golden chariots we ride to take our souls up to the skies at least
that's what they tell me
I don't think I'll ever know
what every single girl wants
I'm just looking for the right one
We've been building up to this moment for so long
Track Name: Losing Summer
Wretched walls have been peeling since sophomore year
and I have had these feelings for even longer
Binders full of paper that are useless and torn
have to be some kind of metaphor
Now summer has begun, when I wake up it's gone
Our mortal fears are like a gun
Not dangerous until you pull the trigger
and that's what I've done
I work tonight four hours, all week
So I'll continue missing everything
Sitting down is a treasure
but I don't see where it is buried
I'm losing summer everyday
I'm losing you
Track Name: Leaving
Track Name: Bonfire
I'm the bridge and you're the chorus
we continue to talk although it bores us
She didn't turn out to be that cool but I miss her everyday
What can I do when
every lie was a gateway to the past, far away
We'll talk all night around the fire
sleep when we're old or when we're tired
just remember that this doesn't matter at all
Though it gets cold we stay here
telling tales of what we love and fear
just remember that this doesn't matter at all
Sanity leaves and walks away, marching on
to a different place
where I thought you'd stay so you could just say that
you miss the way things used to be
but feelings change and fall apart on me
when every lie was a gateway to the truth
I'm your slave
I fall in love so easily
I barely even know you but subconsciously
I need your laugh and you smile to get me through the night
Track Name: Teens
I'm so ready for you to fall back to your teens
when maybe you'll have a conversation with me
But you're too old, independent, confident and calculated
And I'm too young and stupid
immature not ready for the perils that this life can bring
But I'm too young and immature
not ready for the perils of this life
When you're old things are different
Look outside and see indifference
you'll always see me as just a child with weary eyes
Your hand in mine is all I imagine
Simulate a reference to past like we had one
and it was so beautiful just like your laugh and your smile
Track Name: Uncomfortable
Golden trail where she walks that leads me to a blackened star
that's the epitome of everything I've seen so far
and for the night
I'll be alone
Enemies come down I'm hiding in the closet but I refuse to come out
until they shake and rock it so
that my skin breaks and my heart quakes
like a drum beaten by a small child
I have heard that this is what hell is like
breathe me in or force me out
where I sleep's not safe or sound
can't see at all
my eyes are closed
my body's cold
ready to fall
broken down
Golden trail where she walks that leads me to a brightened star
that's the epitome of everything I need so far
and for my life
I won't be alone
Track Name: Hold onto me
Hold onto me
Give me a reason for your continued empathy
I sing in colours that no one else can see
What's the point of being here if it's only me
Hold onto me
wash away the pride that stains this house
and maybe I'll be able to see
This is the part where I lay down and die
it starts with a reason but ends with none
this is the part where I think
I should have been thinking
Track Name: Ocean air (and breathe easy)
All you want is nothing more than
a house on the shore overlooking the ocean when
everything was seemingly breaking down to
its bare nakedness at the seams
Da da da
Teach me just how you sing
you always seem to get that perfect feeling
I'm learning how to be a cog in the machine
of your love for someone else that's always turning